Construction process

Each construction is a unique journey in creation

Just as every person is unique and special, so is their aesthetics, which can only be specially ordered. Our company's main goal is to create unique furniture, which will highlight the uniqueness and particularity of each of our customers. 

Our team of experienced craftsmen and designers are here to support and guide you on your journey of creating unique indoor and outdoor spaces.


Initial contact

Your journey begins with the first contact you will have with a member of our team, who will put you in touch with the design department of our company. 

Our company's sales manager will guide you through the design process of your unique ideas.


Design consultant

Our company's project manager will get in touch with you, offering you all the know-how and guidance you need. 

Mapping your space is essential at this stage, so that our team has the right supplies for the correct design of the furniture and wood paneling of your space. 

After this process we will be able to make you an offer.


Implementation process of your unique creations

At this stage we provide you with all the construction drawings in every detail, which are to be given for production. Only after your consent will the furniture and wood paneling of your dreams be ordered.

The designs can be presented in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, as well as with high-quality photo-realism, depending on your preferences.


Production Stage

Here all your ideas begin to be realized in the greatest possible detail. Our factory in Kavalari, Thessaloniki, is a place dominated by the combination of precision technology with experience and finishing skills, which ensure the perfect quality of each unique piece of furniture.

We combine, where necessary, the art of hand-crafting and CNC technology, in order to realize to the maximum extent the requirements of the designs, whether they come from collaborating architectural offices, or from designs of our own architectural team.



This is the final stage of our services, where your vision becomes a reality. After your furniture has been produced, it is time for them to come to your place, after passing the necessary quality control. 

After contacting you, the delivery and installation of your furniture is determined by our company's specialized installation team, which ensures with our privately owned trucks, of various sizes and loads (depending on the circumstances), the safe transport of the furniture, and their proper installation.