Our History

We combine luxury with modern living

In 1965, Georgios Paritsis and Georgios Karapiperidis founded the furniture company, which quickly established itself in Thessaloniki as one of the most notable in the field of high-quality handmade constructions. 

The furniture they manufacture is known throughout Greece. They are characterized by the excellent quality of materials, the know-how in relation to aesthetics and the timeless design. 

Georgios Karapiperidis, as the fourth generation of a family of Asia Minor furniture makers, undertakes the field of wood processing and the manufacturing of furniture. 

Georgios Paritsis has under his supervision the important field of transport and installation of special constructions at any place, inside and outside of Thessaloniki. 

The know-how, the absolute quality of construction, the perfect combination of materials and the consistency in the delivery time, have as a result the transformation of the company as a row model and a point of cooperation with leading decorators and interior architects, who to this day create unique design proposals. 

In 1996, the founders of the company decided to hand over the company to the new generation, always keeping a close eye on the manufacturing sector. Nikos Karapiperidis, who has studied interior architecture and furniture morphology, and Stelios Paritsis, who has studied business management, take over the direction he direction of the company and are constantly expanding into new collaborations with decorators and architects in Greece and abroad.

Since 2002, the company has been operating in a new state-of-the-art facilities in 7000 sq.m., in Kavalari Thessaloniki. The perfection of this space lies in the fact that it is a vertical production unit, which includes the following sections:

  • wood processing and assembly department,
  • hand carved application section,
  • frame manufacturing and wallpaper application department,
  • department of glazes and application of traditional hand-made patina with a brush, as well as special paints and techniques

In 2009 the company expanded with the creation of a showroom at 45 Aegean Street (Kalamaria), in eastern Thessaloniki. In 2024, our showroom is moved to Panorama, at 55 Komninon Avenue.

In this area there are representative samples of complete furniture, such as:

  • wood paneling,
  • special structures,
  • built-in closets,
  • interior doors,
  • living rooms,
  • movable furniture